Victory in Van

This will, by far, be the craziest thing to ever happen in Van.  This won't exactly be for a cause, but it will be for a really great reason: Simply because a family in Van REALLY deserves this.


We want to send a deserving family on an all expense paid vacation - and by that, we mean completely expense paid.  We'll have more information on the vacation package shortly, but it will be for the parents and all of their children.  Obviously we can't just make deserved vacations happen.  This is where the fun part of this comes in:


We'll have MANY more details on this shortly, but to summarize - it will be a mixture of a treasure hunt / obstacle course / race track through Van, completed by two  fairly 'prominent' citizens of the citizens of the community.  This will be a timed event and they will need to enlist a LOT of help from within the community.   People that want to support the cause can purchase a ticket that gives them one guess at the finish time / winner.   It'll be a lot of fun... we may divide the town, but it will be for all the right reasons.    The important thing we need to focus on right now is getting families nominated!  We'll be rolling out the rules and details shortly.   

We're shooting for summer 2020 to do this!  

Nominate a family