party time - Vandi Style

Registrations are for everything from parade floats to Artists!  If you want to join in the fun, GET REGISTERED!

Vandi Gras Parade - KIDS

Vandi Gras is a family event.  As such, we would really like to get the kids involved in the parade.  We want your kid(s) to decorate a bike, wagon, or even stroller and join in the fun! - Parents, you're welcome to join in also!  

RULES:  All children riding a 2 wheeled bicycle must wear a helmet and no motorized units will be allowed in this section of the parade.  



Ready for fun??

More information:

Need 'Vandi Gras' beads or other things Mardi Gras?  There are a ton of places online but you can start here at Amazon

Parade Route, parking etc is below or you can view entire Vandi Gras layout online here

Parade day Instructions (route has changed!)



  • All entries need to be at the JE Rhodes frontage road no later than 1:30pm.  DO NOT PARK IN THE PARKING LOT / STAGING AREA
  • Upon arrival, please check into the 'Registration Booth' that will be clearly marked.  
  • You will be assigned a number
  • Find your corresponding number in the parking lot - they will be very visible
  • Children Entries (bikes, strollers, wagons) - See below
  • Watch for yellow vests - they will be directing you

Children Entries (bikes, strollers, wagons)

  • You do not need to check in.  
  • If you didn't register, that's fine.  Find the sign "Children" and join the group!  
  • If you're riding a 2 wheeled bicycle, be sure to have your helmet! 

Inclement Weather

In the event of bad weather, we'll make an announcement on this page and other places in reference to cancelling the parade.  Inclement weather will only affect the parade.  The rest of the show will continue on as it will be under cover.  

PARENTS OF CHILDREN IN THE PARADE:       If the weather is questionable on parade day, but we proceed ahead with the parade, you can optionally choose to not involve your child.  They are not obligated to participate.